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    SHOP LED is an online source for LED information and products. Designed to educate the importance and major impact LEDs are creating in our society. LEDs are increasingly becoming main stream and accepted as the new lighting source that not only creates a brighter future; it also helps create a more energy efficient and conservative approach to a greener world. LEDs uses less energy than conventional lighting components and it is our next evolution in energy and lighting technology.


    New hi-tech weapon for US police

    The US police will soon be equipped with a new controversial weapon in their arsenal, a high-tech flashlight called LED Incapacitator. The handheld device using light-emitting diodes to emit super-bright pulses of light at rapidly changing wavelengths causes disorientation, nausea and ... read more

    Gravity Powered LED Lamp

    Greener Gadgets Conference in New York agrees with me, as they had awarded this gadget a second place. Called the Gravia LED Lamp, it literally does run on the force of gravity by the use of a slowly falling mass that ... read more

    Rome Goes 'All-in' on LED Lights

    Rome is taking on a massive overhaul of its lights. Workers are replacing all lightbulbs in city buildings, and city leaders say it'll save taxpayers ... read more


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